Monday, July 18, 2011

The Last Show...

Two actors sat on the ground behind a semi-transparent wall of foliage, the bright lights from just beyond the stage filter through the leaves as they wait for the show's finale, their rays illuminate the ever-present mosquitos and the specks of dust brought from other actors walking backstage in anticipation of their final scene. The actors sit alone in their thoughts, each knowing this is the last show, the last time they will have this chance.

We gathered together, a team of people to prepare for our last night focused on a singular goal, to put on the best show for our biggest audience yet. The run only lasted a week--sometimes the week felt long, and sometimes short, but as the days clicked off the calendar, our show began, remained, and has now closed.

We stood on the stage after the final bows and acknowledged those without whom the show would not have come to pass in our little community. We put away props for the last time, gave and received hugs and told everyone goodnight at the same time telling everyone we'd meet tomorrow for a cast dinner and party.

I'm home now, tired and grateful I asked for (and received...) permission to take tomorrow off of work. I need to clean the make-up off my face and try to somehow clear the remnants of medical tape from the back of my neck. The decision to join the little band of performers proved a good one. I was given an opportunity for a lead role, something I have not had before--something that doesn't come around as an actor (or actress...) ages. It was a fun show with fun people, and after tomorrow night's cast party, our evenings will again be ours and we'll return to our "normal" lives. Goodnight everyone...

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  1. The last show... When combinded they create three of the most bitter sweet words in the english language.