Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Preparing For Camp

The scout leader gathered the troops (and a couple of parents) to lay out next week's schedule. "Any questions?" Scout Master Jeff said. I asked if there would be internet access. They all laughed. I was, however, serious.

My 12-year old son is of scouting age and due to the season, thoughts of scout camp surround boys, their leaders, and an occasional parent or two... If I can get off work next week, I'll be accompanying the kids for at least a couple of days.

Tonight's meeting brought back so many memories. The inspired leaders of my youth took a group of green campers to the base of Devil's Mountain in Wyoming (now, that's what the leaders told us the large peak above our campsite was named and we believed them...) and we camped. There were no permanent structures built, no warm showers, no "organized" latrines...we just camped and it was a blast (except when the scout leaders told us--not ghost stories--but stories of devil worshipers who would sacrifice animals at the base of Devil's Peak...it scared the dinner out of us).

I think the boys had some reservations about going. They question the unknown. Maybe they wonder if the other boys will give them a hard time, at least that's what I remember thinking at times when I was younger. Of course, I doubt Scout Master Jeff will tell stories to my son and the others that animals (and possibly other living things...) were sacrificed at the exact spot where the scouts now camped. Seriously, I was never as scared in my life as I was on that scout camp trip those many years ago.

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