Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soggy Sunday Barbecue...

A Soggy Sunday Barbecue

Few things in life are as good as the smell that lingers in the air after a summer storm. Even with the coals hissing from the falling rain, a delayed dinner is a small price to pay for an afternoon squall as it rolls over the valley and slams into the elevated peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

We planned our menu last week and decided upon today to prepare a London Broil dinner. The trusted (and ever more wobbly...) barbecue was wheeled out, the briquets were doused in lighter fluid, and flame applied. After two more applications of said fluid and a couple of rain delays and we had dinner.

While we waited the kids did a little exploring, barefoot, of course, the damp grass gently kissing their toes.

Dinner came and went. The spent charcoal disappeared as the water fell. As I took things to the car to prepare for a camping adventure, the kids all screamed in delight and we all came out to the front porch. The rainbow--and a double one at that--was a a great way to not only end the day, but the month that's passed. I hope all of you had a wonderful day.

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