Monday, August 1, 2011

The Trip To Idaho, Scout Camp, Day 1

The Trip To Idaho…

There was a brief moment in time when I was a scoutmaster. Now, I believe there’s some validity to the saying that a year to a normal person is like seven scoutmaster years, so I was a scoutmaster for about five of those scoutmaster years.

Today we embarked on a grand adventure, and we saw Naf.

The rainstorm that almost ruined our barbecue yesterday lingered and we got muggy as we loaded the various vehicles for the trip. As we drove from the valley the weather improved until we reached City of Rocks just north of the Utah/Idaho line.

As I’m writing this, a heard of cattle (yes…I’ve heard of cattle) just walked by. That was unexpected. My only wish is that the City of Rocks would get to know the City of Trees… But, the Ancient Chinese Gorilla Rock is way cool!

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