Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The (Other) House On The Hill...

Almost a decade ago a couple of siblings began building the homes of their dreams, or the dreams they had at the time. Many decades before a married couple with small children bought a large parcel of land on the side of a mountain. As the children grew and left home (and came back, and left, and came back...) the time came for the parent and siblings to do something with the land.

It took many years for the city to approve the plan, but eventually two of the siblings got building loans and began construction on their projects. The other sibling chose not to join the others.

Now only one of the original five people who moved to the mountain 42 years ago remains. The family house is no longer in the family and the second of the three houses is now for rent. It's a beautiful house--let me know if you're interested and I'll fill you in on some facts the realtor/renting authority may not tell you. It's got a man cave, a 3-sided fence enclosing an orchard of fruit trees, a pen to house chickens, and no one can ever build above you...just you and the 1.25 acres of the mountain.

And if you like the house, I'm sure you could buy it outright. Maybe if you get a chance to see one of the sunsets from the front deck, it just may seal the deal...

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  1. I love your first sentence, the one about dreams. Such a pretty house. Definitely doesn't look like the typical rental.