Friday, August 19, 2011

Bob Aamodt, Inc. Annual Summer BBQ, 2011 Edition

Every year, in the summer Bob Aamodt, Inc. generally and Bob Aamodt specifically throws a party. It's part dinner party, kids runaround party, and pool party. Tonight was the night for the annual event and it was a hit.

My sons helped prepare the venue. Those blow-up beach balls and doughnuts do not look daunting, but man, I was tired after blowing up just the first one--curse you dollar store novelties! Notice, some are blowing up the items, and some are just paying around...

A hit for the party was the squirt guns, 160 of them to be specific. Teenagers began the water wars early.

Food prepared and eaten--good food, good, good food. The guests arrived.

After most of the food was consumed and the talent made their way to their cars...

The party moved and a large body of water took the place of the thousand of spritzes from the plastic guns.

Ending the summer BBQ at the community pool is a great way to close out the party. Teenagers show off for anyone interested. The kids run and splash in the water as well as jump into the before mentioned inflated plastic pieces of pain. And parents take pictures of their kids having fun.

A whistle and everyone is ordered out. The lifeguards change from lifesavers to pool cleaners. We took this to be a sign it was time to go home.

Perhaps the best part of the night happened as we loaded up the cars. A green Ford Windstar van drove by, a 1996 green Windstar, to be specific. I know the exact year of the van because this particular van was once owned and driven by us. This was a fully functioning van we sold for a couple of hundred bucks a few years ago. We did this because a great friend did the same for us--sold us an incredible van at a mere fraction of its worth. It was great talking to the van owners tonight. They absolutely love their van. They told me the van was a blessing because it came at a time they needed a reliable car. Looks like we're all blessed; we only need to realize it...

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