Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Big Rock By The Bridge...

Day 2 of exercising...oh the things you see.

Tonight I went to run/walk the Lagoon Trails. For those in the area where I live, most know what and where the Lagoon Trails are. I ran at dusk and I again took my camera with me (hence, the darkened picture...).

I ran/walked until I crossed a bridge and saw a big rock. In a split second a memory flew to my mind (much faster than I was running...). My mind returned to the same rock where several years ago my immediate family posed for a picture. The camera we used for the photo date stamped the event (remember those cameras?) so we know when it was taken.

Today if we want to take another family photo only three of us remain. The location can be a beautiful place to take a picture. First-hand experience has taught me this.

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