Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Family Reunited...

A month or so ago some of my extended family decided to have a family reunion. Back in the day family reunions were a staple, a part of being in the Knight family. We put on two reunions, one big and one smaller. The big reunion gathered my mother and her cousins, the smaller reunion was for my mother's siblings and their kids, or in other words, my first cousins. As time has removed many of my mother's cousins (not to mention my mother herself...), it's harder and harder to come together for the big reunions. We've also neglected putting on the smaller reunions as well.

Today we met at our local park and it took a few hours to get everyone there, but it was worth the wait. I was too busy talking to relatives to think about pictures. I did end up eventually taking some panorama shots and a couple of videos, the complete set of visual evidence of the event can be found here.

I am so very blessed to be part of this family because my life could have literally been different--a decision here or there and everything, everything, would have changed.

We're all older, hopefully wiser, and it's hard to believe we once possessed the energy on display by the children as we watched then run around the park in the summer sun. I don't know when the next reunion will be. I hope we pick a time of the year that isn't as warm as today was. But if we do, I hope we can all attend and enjoy each other's company until our paths cross again and we once more gather as a family of Knights. I love my family.

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