Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Y 2 U, I-15, 70 M.P.H.

For work I'm required to travel to Utah Valley at least once a month. Today was that day...

I took out the Point-N-Shoot to get a picture of the big block "Y" on the mountain, and I just kept going.

I found some signs denoting exits and other I-15 markers.

I found an interesting car...the first of the new Fiats I've seen in America so far.

And even snapped a picture of what I had as a snack...

Once we entered the Salt Lake Valley, there was a lot to photograph.

We saw other things, markers to let us know where we were.

And a mountain range that as a kid, I called "Grasshopper Legs" because to me, that's how Mt. Olympus looked from the vantage point we had when we lived in Holladay.

And, finally, we arrived at the "U" on the the way, my favorite letter in the alphabet--all at 70 m.p.h.

(It was recommended that I include one fact of my trip...I was not driving, but was a passenger)

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