Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Son's Dog Watching Venture...

More Picture Memories From The Past...

Years ago our oldest child had an idea. Why not start a dog walking/watching business? It never did materialize. I don't know if not starting the business was due to one reason or many, but the answer to the question of why not start this particular business could be as simple as, because we just didn't.


For some kids, dogs are not a good match. It's understandable how dogs can be scary, especially when the animals are larger than the child themselves. Our son did not share this fear. He loved dogs and this love of animals made him think of the business idea.


We took some pictures (sorry for the quality...I think we used a 1.3 megapixel point-n-shoot...) to make a flyer. You gotta advertise!


Unfortunately, none of these dogs, I believe, are still with us. I know of two that have gone to chase rabbits on a rich uncle's ranch somewhere. Charlie, the shih tzu, was a family favorite. The first time we ever heard our first son really laugh--not just giggle, but "America's Funniest Home Videos winner, would have received a million YouTube hits had YouTube been around at the time" laugh was when he first met Charlie. He was a great dog and he's missed.

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