Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fur-B-Gone...A Good Place To Go

If any of you live in central Davis County (or north/south Davis County or beyond...) and need a dog groomed, may I suggest my friend, Janna. Her business is called Fur-B-Gone. Here's some info on the business: Here.

I'm proud of Janna--she works so hard at her business, building it up as she has. We used to take our dog to a pet store and they did a good job. I can't remember thinking they did a bad job, but when I joined a bell choir years ago and found that Janna was not only a fellow member of the singing group but also a dog groomer, she was our choice and has been our choice ever since--it's been years. some they are children for their others, they are entities that get free food. Our pets fall somewhere in the middle, depending on the day and what mood we're in. I love the way our kids treat our pets and hopefully they're learning things that will help them all their lives. I guess it's our job as parents to make sure the pets have manageable hair (and free food...)

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