Friday, August 26, 2011

Quiz Answers!

Sheila, Carol, and perhaps others... here's some answers.

Sheila noticed a couple of things. Yes, this is a free audiobook. And Carol, for someone not knowing a lot about computers, you did very well. I was at work and it was a free audiobook.

Now, it's my turn. I was at work yesterday listening to this free Podiobook. I'm natually a cheap...ah, I mean, frugal person and I was in Heaven when I found the Podiobooks site. Podiobooks are always a risk. Some are really good, and some are not. The good thing if it's bad, I can delete it without feeling bad, or feeling I should listen to the whole thing because I bought it.

I'm lucky. I have to be next to a phone all day, but my phone doesn't ring as much as others so I can listen to audiobooks while I process claims. Some people can't, but I've been able to do both simultaneously. It's part 2 of this particular book so that means I at least liked the first part.

Sheila, this is a mystery of sorts, but it's more a young adult fantasy. So far, it's not bad--read by the author and there's good voice talent and appropriate music. I recommend it.

Carol mentioned the 2x and thought it might be the size of the screen. Nope, it's the speed at which I listen to the podcast. I LOVE listening to podcasts at twice the speed and the main reason is I can listen to twice as much as normal. The problem is that I actually know a couple of people who do their own podcasts and I'm sure when I hear them in person, it's going to drive me crazy that they're speaking too ssssllllooowwwwwww.......

Thanks to all who played. Maybe I'll do another one of these sometime...

A couple of other pics

A big plane:

A little kid at the Golden Corral.

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  1. I love that you "gave" us the answers.
    And just so you know. I read your blog all of the time. Sorry I don't comment more.