Friday, August 5, 2011

Washin' The Car...

I wish I had taken a picture of my little car at the height of his filthiness, but a downpour just as we began our scout camp hike dampened our spirits and erased miles of dirt road driving evidence. This morning I pulled up to the car wash and snapped a few pictures anyway.

At the car wash there stood a little man (seen in the top picture...) who either owned the place or worked there--either way he brought with him a sense of authority to the "self-serve" operation. Due to an incident that happened several months away (the details can be found: HERE), I choose not to roll down my driver's side window. I think it will roll back up, but every time I've tried that after it's "fixed" it breaks.

I drove up to the man who expected me to roll down my window to choose from the car wash options. Instead I got out of the car and I told him the driver's side window doesn't roll down. He turned to me and said, "This one of those Japanese cars?" I laughed and told him it is a Pontiac, but it's a Japanese-built car. He then muttered something about Japanese cars (which I love ever since buying my first one in 2007) under his breath.

Now, the last of the Idaho dirt has been washed away and except for the 465 (give or take...) miles put on it for the round trip, it's pretty much the way it was, my trusty little Vibe named Tom.

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