Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Trip With The Boys To Capital Reef

On Thursday last I had a moment or two to tidy up my cubicle at work. Tucked into a drawer I found some photo CD's we used as back-up disks back in the day when external storage drives cost so much, they were not an option. I threw in a shiny disk because I had forgotten what pictures I had on there--it had been so long. What a found was like visual candy. One of the candy pieces were these pictures of a trip my two sons and I took with their grandparents.

The trip was special for a couple of reasons. We went with my wife's parents to a section of the state I had never visited before. It's a beautiful part of the country. While we were there we got to see what has been called the "World's Fastest Parade." A few trucks start the parade in Torrey, Utah and go 50 miles until they reach Bicknell, Utah The speed of the participants is needed for there is not found much between the two small towns. If you're in town (and assuming they still put on the parade...), I recommend checking it out.

My wife and daughter did not accompany us on the trip being pregnant with our fourth child. That child just turned seven-year's old last week. It's amazing how time becomes meaningless when reflecting on the events of our lives. Pictures, such as these, have an amazing ability to do just that...

I have been told that the trip included another of our children. Our daughter came with us on our excursion (I told you I didn't remember many of the details...). I should have looked at my daily journal and see what I wrote about on the trip. Next time...

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