Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What We (Sometimes...) Talk About At Work...

I work in an office. About half of us cubi's (short for cubicle workers...) are men. Many of us have strong opinions. So, what does all this mean? It means at any given time conversations can be heard vaulting over the low cubicle walls to entertain and annoy, conversations about many things, but at this time of year, most (if not all...) of the conversations center around sports. It's been a long summer.

Where I live, we don't seem to embrace baseball. That will change once the playoffs and world series begins, but I think most of the men on the floor are like me. Baseball's there, but we've got no "favorites." So, baseball gets ignored.

Tomorrow begins the start of the college football season and for all its faults and misgivings, there's a passion that exits among the fans, passion that manifests itself audibly for all on the floor to hear, fan and non-fan alike.

With college football starting, pro football isn't far behind. It seems like things just get going when college and pro basketball--not to mention, pro hockey (for all those Avalanche fans out there...) starts at the same time. It's a GREAT time to be a sports fan.

But, I assure you, at no time do the conversations (and occasional web searches...) cause the work to suffer. Trust me...


  1. The work may not suffer, but I certainly do... ;) This post cracked me up. :D