Monday, August 22, 2011

A Run at Barnes Park...

I think it's been a couple of years since I ran. You could argue (and you'd have a lot of evidence to support this theory...) that I really didn't "run" tonight because I sort of ran at times, walked at times, and took pictures at times. But the real point is I strapped on my running shoes and exercised. It felt fantastic.

While my oldest son attended his karate class, I went across the street to Barnes Park and checked it out.

Barnes Park has several sports venues. They have a cloverleaf of softball/baseball diamonds and three football fields. Each football field is named after a local football legend. If you know anything about the football tradition of Kaysville, and more specifically, Davis High, you'll recognize these names.

Mr. Purdy was our vice principle at Davis High while I attended and he was also Kaysville's mayor. I think he was a good man. He was always nice to me.

Even though I never played high school football, Coach Cullimore was an institution and my driver's education instructor. He was a funny guy.

I don't know who Lee Liston was. I'm sure many do.

I noticed none of the softball/baseball scoreboards were named after prominent Kaysvillians. Maybe if Davis becomes a baseball powerhouse, the coaches that lead the teams to state championships will have a field named after them after they pass away. Maybe...

I ran/walked for about a half hour and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful park. I NEED to keep running. My friend Eddie says, "Good things happen when you run," and I believe him.

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