Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I should have snapped a few pictures...

My son and I went walking in the neighborhood tonight and I saw a big white cloud overhead that looked cool so I snapped a picture. If nothing catches my eye to photograph during the day, I can usually find interesting things (interesting to me, anyway...) to photograph in the evening. Tonight we walked and chatted with the neighbors (actually, we decided to do our home teaching early this month...). ;) We ended up getting home late, or home too late to take pictures.

My wife needed to go to the local grocery store and I thought, "Great. I can take some pictures for the blog post at the store." We drove to the store and bought our needed items. As I drove away from the store I realized I had a perfect opportunity to take some pictures, but I blew it.

When we walked in the store we were greeting by big inflatable black cats trying to look both cute and scary at the same time.'s Halloween time at Smiths! I thought, "I guess Halloween is coming early this year." This thought reminded me of a talk I heard my brother's father-in-law give when he spoke in church about Christmas. It seems he's heard the "Christmas decorations keep going up earlier and earlier every year" speech and it bothered him because he had heard the same thing every Christmas for decades. If indeed that statement were true, Christmas decorations would be going up in June, or July.

So since I didn't take pictures, imagine a big inflatable cute/scary black cat poised over an entire isle of Halloween decorations and candy and hopefully that mental picture will add to your blog reading experience. Next time, I'll remember to actually take the camera out of my pocket when the time is right...

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