Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Opening Night: The Secret Garden

Each show, like each story, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Though we've been rehearsing for months, last night was a beginning, and it came and went without any major disasters. In short, it went fairly well.

So, having my little camera with me always (a cardinal rule...) I snapped some pictures between acts.

This is my first show I've done in an outdoor theater. Being outside has its drawbacks--weather being the most obvious. Of course, there's bugs, prop situations, and unlit trails backstage (we've got some good solar powered lights on our trails and that help immensely...).

One advantage/disadvantage is that I can see where a beautiful sunset may be forming overhead, but since I'm not at my usual location, the pictures of sunsets are more arboreal, less spectacular (that is, unless you love trees...).

We have a great opening night. Here's hoping this becomes a trend that continues for the play's duration.

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