Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pictures Of A Day With Family

My 12-year old son said to me this evening, "We should do this again!" I turned to him and said, "But, it's so expensive..."

"No!" he interrupted. "I don't mean the Alpine Slide, I mean, we should spend time with family." He doesn't realize just how right he is...

With family in town, we drove up to Park City for a picnic dinner and fun.

We had dinner. My son joined some adults and while they played a pick-up game. I can't recall him ever getting a hit before. He made it to base.

The boys rode up on the biggest ski lift I've ever ridden.

We saw a moose...(that dark shape in the shadow is indeed a moose)

A setting for a morningside church service or marriage ceremony...

The aspens overhead...

And squirrels at the side of the slide...

I thought I had my camera to "Video" as my son and I rolled with glee down the mountainside. Nope...there exists no digital recording of our flight.

The trip home provided us an amazing sunset. All the way from Parley's Canyon until Farmington we tried to capture its beauty. It was intoxicating.

The neighbors celebrated with a few illuminates to honor the holiday that officially begins tomorrow.

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