Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2002 Olympic Coats...10 Years Later

My Olympic Marker Coats...

"So, I guess you're going to be wearing your Olympic coat in February, aren't you?" my friend Todd asked my as we drove to choir practice a week ago. "Uh...probably," came my response. I usually wear coats in winter in Utah. I mean (to quote Lloyd Christmas) "We're in the Rockies..."

Todd reminded me that February marks the 10-year anniversary of the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was one of the thousands of volunteers who helped out. My coat, the brown and black one, is rare...not too many people had them. Most of the volunteers coats were blue, green, red, or yellow. Each color meant different things, like a Red coat denoted a medical volunteer and so on... Mine meant that I helped the police force that kept order for all the events. UOPSC, Utah Olympic Public Safety Command. My coat wasn't the fanciest, but I liked it, and still do...

The silver coat has another story, one I don't know. The silver coat isn't like the other volunteer coats. It's a solid color. I know that some coats were made for specific groups. For example the LDS church leaders had, what I think, were the coolest coats of all. They looked like my silver one, but they were completely black. I found my silver coat at, you guessed it, the D.I. 

After I bought it, I wondered which group were given the silver Olympic coats. Don't worry...everyone said. Just look online and you'll find out which group got the silver coats. Nope...I found no information on it. So if any of you have any idea of who got the silver coats, PLEASE tell me! I'd love to know.

My coats are both 10 years old. They're still in pretty good shape, considering... I wonder if they'll make it another 10 years. I do know this, I'll be wearing an Olympic coat during the month of February, pretty much like I've done for the past decade.


  1. I know some of the yellow marker coats were for federal law enforcement officers. They had the badge holder and flip down "police" on the back. The yellow coats also had zips on each size for the gun belt, so the gun and radio was on the outside. The red marker coats were fire/rescue, and also had the badge holder and fire or something printed on the back.

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  3. I came across this post trying to refresh my memory on my silver coat. I received mine as one of three students who won a science fair on sports medicine and science sponsored by SLOC. As winners we were allowed to go to multiple venues and speak with sports scientists/medical researchers for various events. At the time we were told that the silver coats designated the IOC medical research team and that less than 100 had been made. There was also a trench version that high-level medical officials had. I'm guessing your jacket belonged to one of the other students, which is too bad for that student because it was such an amazing experience.