Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rita Jensen--A Great Lady

Rita Classen Jensen 

Rita Classen Jensen

Rita Classen Jensen
Born: August 24, 1936 ~ Esbjerg, Denmark
Passed Away: February 10, 2012 ~ Salt Lake City, Utah
Daughter of Otto Henrik Classen
and Mette Marie Nielsen Classen
Wife of A. De Von Jensen

 The call came in Friday night, a little late, but we're usually awake when the call came. My friend was calling, a friend I had not spoken to in several years. We chatted a little bit then he told me the main reason for the call. His mom had passed away earlier in the day and he felt like he should let us know. I was so glad he called.

Rita Classen Jensen is an amazing woman. I remember first meeting her while I was in college. I met her son in my university choir class and he told me his mother was a native Dane. Any chance to meet a Dane is something I jumped at. Not only was my new friend's mother from Denmark, but his father served his mission in Denmark. That's a bonus!

While a student at school and a few years after, my friend and I stayed in touch, even doing things socially. But as the years passed, our families drifted apart, but on the day his mother passed away he called and let us know.

Everyone who knows Rita knows how incredible she is. She left her family and country as a young bride and immigrated to Utah. She sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for years and I even heard a rumor that she would bake danish pastries and give them to the cameramen who photographed General Conference. Of course, it was just coincidence that her face appeared on so many conference broadcasts... And there's a very good chance you've seen Rita before. She was the beautiful blond caroler in the film, Mr. Kruger's Christmas. Yup, that was her.

Tonight my wife and I attended the viewing. It was nice to see my friend and his wife. We only stayed a short time, but I'm glad we went. It's a strange feeling to lose a parent, something he's going through now. He was right when he told us, "It gets easier." God bless the Jensen family.

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