Monday, February 27, 2012

D.I. Skiing...

Tomorrow I'm going to hit the slopes for only the second time since 1993. I don't bemoan my time away from the resorts--skiing is so dang expensive nowadays. Gone forever are the All-Day lift passes at Alta for $10. I feel like a member of the generation that says things like, "I remember when gasoline cost 25¢ a gallon..." and other quaint phrases.

If you've followed my blog for the past month or so, I've written many times about Bob's Vertical Challenge (the website is here). It's a great charity event and it's tomorrow and I get to ski while I help out. I win each way.

I gathered my ski equipment tonight and I noticed a theme in the things I have...a majority of my equipment was purchased at the Deseret Industries, or the D.I. if you're familiar with the area. If you don't know what the D.I. is, it's a thrift store. I got my Marker Olympic coat at the D.I., a pair of Scott goggles at the D.I., my skis and my ski boots were both from the D.I.

I dare say if the D.I. owned and operated a ski resort I would ski there. Of course, if they did own a ski resort, a group of hoarders would gather at the base of the mountain before the lifts opened and would almost run to the runs, each trying to get the best ski trail at the cheapest price. It would not be pretty. But, I'd ski there anyway...

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  1. Be careful ... a couple I knew from college went skiing last week, and BOTH of them blew out a knee!