Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Murder Of Crows...

Crows...Too Many For Counting

It began like an other morning walk, a couple of co-workers and I left the building of our cubicle bondage and inhaled fresh air for the first time since entering our collective tomb. I should have known from the first instant I heard the sound; it would not be a normal walk. A single crow stood atop our building and called to us. It cackled and cawed. It said in its crow voice, "I am a crow. Hear me!" I pointed the bird out to my walk-mates and said it was an unusual sight.


I thought nothing more of the bird until we rounded a corner and saw another bird, then another, then another. Soon they surrounded us and they began their evil movements on buildings, on snowdrifts, in trees. Then the shrills began, the taunts, the screams. The sounds encompassed us as if the crows knew something, something us earth-bound bipeds could never understand.


"Thinking about Poe?" asked one co-worker at my obvious interest in the black bird's behavior. "No," I said. "It's just I've never seen the birds act like this before," was all I could think of to say. I quickly drew my camera and took pictures of the beasts--pictures that unfortunately, do not do the event proper justice.

We continued walking and the birds kept up their unearthly calls. Eventually we left the ally and the dark shapes behind. I have no idea if the birds will return tomorrow or not, but on this beautiful morning it was a murder of crows that held me spellbound.

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  1. As we left the Layton mall early one morning last week (at about 6:20 am ) we noticed (and hear) many crows in several trees on the North end of the mall parking. There were so many in the trees that in the darkness of early morning, the trees looked like they were loaded with very big, black flowers. We slowly drove to the trees, but that disturbed the crows and they flew to the movie theaters and sat on the edge of the builings.