Thursday, February 9, 2012

The American Legion, Post 27

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Post 27 Met Tonight...

Last Veteran's Day I attended a ceremony to open a Veteran's Memorial Grand Opening in my home town. I blogged about it (Link: Veteran's Day, 2011). The local chapter of the American Legion performed a flag ceremony. I've seen a lot of flag ceremonies in my day, but they're usually performed by boy scouts. These were veterans.

My neighbor is in the local chapter and after the ceremony I spoke with him. He informed me that because I am a veteran's son I'm eligible to become a member (as a son...) of the American Legion. Tonight I attended my first meeting.


Surrounding me were men (and one woman...) that served our county as soldiers and servicemen. The meeting lasted two hours and without having dinner first (my mistake) it seemed a little long. 

But, the experiences seen by those people in that room was amazing. I sat next to a man, my friend's uncle, who was a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton, for example. And I'm sure the others have important tales to tell. But more importantly they dedicated their time to for the love of God, family, and country, and I was impressed. I think I'll be going back...

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