Sunday, February 12, 2012

Computers At Church...What's Next...Electric Guitars?

Computers At Church...

Last year our congregation decided to have a class dedicated to family history research. We procured us a modem and voila--WiFi at church! Maybe to many of you who have those new-fangled "Smart Phones" this is no big deal. To us iPod Touch users, WiFi access away from home is a very good thing.

There are a few of us of the younger generation in the family history class and a few of the greatest generation. We're all excited about learning how to use modern technology to reach our genealogical goals. It's amazing how far the technology in this area has come in just the past few years. We're trying to take full advantage of it all.

Now I admit there are times while in class I am, shall we say, not "fully invested" in searching for my dearly departed ancestors. Back when it was football season, I checked out a score or twelve. I did not consider my actions least, not too much. Had the games been available for streaming and I indulged, that's another story.

A few of us bring our laptops for our class, but really, almost everyone in the flock has brought computers to church for a while now. Is having all this technology with us at church a good thing? I quote Kip, "But, I still love technology." Now, if we could only get WiFi for the entire three hours, that would be something...

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