Sunday, February 26, 2012

All-Star Game Vs. Oscars?


All-Star Game Vs. Oscars?

Church was over and dinner was done. The family relaxed on a Sunday evening after a long, busy week. Through the miracle of that new invention called "The Internet," I had viewing options and most people on Twitter were tweeting about two things, the NBA All-Star game and the Oscars. 

Which to watch?

On the one hand you have a group of talented individuals, the tops of their industry. Do they have inflated egos? Many would say, yes... Of course, when you're the best at what you do in the world, it's easy to get a swelled head. Throngs of admirers gathered to see their favorites. It was quite a spectacle and millions of people watched.

Now, the other viewing choice showcased yet another assembly of people dedicated to doing the very best for their fans. They're world famous--entire magazines and television shows are dedicated to them and what they do. Video clips of their activities tonight will be shot, edited, and shown on computers and televisions for days to come. Everyone loves to watch them and some even wished they had the talents to do what--seemingly--only they can do...

So, which one did I watch?

Neither...I read a book and played some Angry Birds.

But the really important question, which group did I describe in each paragraph?

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