Friday, February 3, 2012

Another I/M Conversation...It's Been A While

I won't call it ignoring work, but let's just say, we had a little down time at work yesterday... Here's part of an I/M conversation I had yesterday. This time, the electronic conversation was one-sided...

Steven (8:28:29 AM): have i told you about my spiritual vision involving larry h miller? 
Me (8:28:41 AM): will lightning strike me if I hear?
Steven (8:33:12 AM): its like lavell edwars stadium
Steven (8:37:45 AM): i saw the post mortal lavell in vision after partaking of some of my families food storage from the 1970's
Steven (8:37:53 AM): i saw a bright light
Steven (8:38:03 AM): and for some reason it was quite hot
Steven (8:38:11 AM): like someone had turned up the furnace
Steven (8:38:26 AM): whether it was an in body or out of body experience i could not tell
Steven (8:40:00 AM): the first thing i remember, besides going numb from eating the raisin/oatmeal emergency pack, slightly carboard tasting, was having lavel stand above me in the air
Steven (8:40:13 AM): at first i was frightened
Steven (8:40:23 AM): and that fear greatly increased
Steven (8:40:29 AM): lavell actually looked happy
Steven (8:40:37 AM): no vein popping out on his forehead
Steven (8:40:43 AM): he said he had a message for me
Steven (8:41:49 AM): something about talking to the 'bretheren' and a new 'quorum of the jazz' to be organized
Steven (8:42:08 AM): he mumbled something about a much better 2013 season
Steven (8:42:14 AM): dont know what he meant by that
Steven (8:43:19 AM): i cast my eyes round about and beheld a great and spacious building
Steven (8:44:10 AM): inside it were all manner of people dressed in red
Steven (8:44:40 AM): they were pointing their finger of scorn at another great and spacious building where the people were all wearing blue
Steven (8:45:05 AM): i think they were laughing at the 'modest cheer leaders'
Steven (8:47:48 AM): i found myself distracted by a tree of food storage and people partaking of what had to have been at least 30+ years old
Steven (8:48:52 AM): as i watched them black out, run to the restroom, or vomit uncontrollaby they would then leave the food storage and b-line for one of the great buildings
Steven (8:49:48 AM): those who went to the red building partook of some forbidden beverage that caused them to continue vomitting and affected their intelligence
Steven (8:50:33 AM): those who made it to the blue building also partook of the forbidden beverage, but just not in as great a quantity as the red building
Steven (8:50:57 AM): but focused instead on unhealthy eating habits and juding their neighbors
Steven (8:51:13 AM): lavell asked me what these things meant
Steven (8:51:45 AM): i said i had no idea but my hair was standing on end and i noticed atmospheric disturbances
Steven (8:52:33 AM): lavell then explained to me that their was a third alternative to red or blue and that people could choose purple/yellow and not have to miss church on sunday
Steven (8:53:10 AM): i presently found myself lying on my back in blinding pain and hooked up to an i.v. bag
Steven (8:53:24 AM): and the last lingering thought of that experience was to share it at our next testimony meeting.........
Me (8:59:38 AM): Wow! That is quite a story. So much to think about...

I can hardly wait what next week brings...

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