Monday, February 13, 2012

One-Car Garage...

Our One-Car Garage

Drive around, especially in the newer neighborhoods and you'll see many homes, built in many different ways. One thing that you probably won't see too many of is a home with a one-car garage. That's what you'll see if you drive by our house.

When it came time for us to design a house, like everyone, we had limited funds. We built the biggest house we could afford and stuck it on the lot. Because of the funky shape of our building lot some sacrifices were made and one of the sacrifices was a two-car garage. At the time (and even now...) I thought, no big deal. We've got two cars, but only one really needs protection from the elements. 

One of the biggest drawbacks to a two-car, or three-car garage I've seen is that rarely have I seen a multi-car garage that allows access to the number of cars the garage should accommodate. More often than not, the garage cannot house the car, but it is storage space for all the other stuff we humans accumulate over time. 

Even our little space has items lining the walls. Sure we could clean it out, but then we'd need to rent a storage locker, then if we failed to pay the locker fee, some hairy guy in a tank top would outbid some retired guy for a chance to win items including a tile saw that we borrowed and never returned. Sure...I'll take a one-car garage. It's not that bad.

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