Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Was The Last Time You Watched...?

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Back in the last century when my wife and I were first married we both worked graveyard shifts. I worked out of the house and my wife worked at home. Because of my wife's job, she could watch TV while she worked. She watched Nick at Night. Back then, they had some great shows on and one of those shows was the Dick Van Dyke show.

Jump forward a couple of decades (almost...) and a new generation is in need of entertainment. Thanks to the miracle that is modern technology almost every episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show can be streamed and watched whenever you want. A few months ago my wife suggested to our kids that they might like like the show, and, as parents, we knew we didn't have to worry. Television was so different in the 1960's...

Our kids gave the show a chance and from the first day, from the first episode they LOVED it! They've seen every episode of every season numerous times (and we don't allow them to watch TV all day). Personally I love the fact that the show is available for my kids to enjoy. I wonder if, in 20 or so years my kids will suggest to their kids that they ought to watch a show from 70 years earlier. I'll bet if they do, their kids will love it too...

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