Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bob's Vertical Challenge, Year 5...

Thanks For Another Great Vertical Challenge!

The sun came out as we packed up our skis, swag, and memories and headed down the mountain. We had missed the sun all day, but you'd not know it from the looks of most of the participants in this year's Vertical Challenge. And when everything's added up, a lot of people did a lot of good for a lot of needy kids. Bob's Vertical Challenge, the 2012 Edition is in the books, but the effects will be far reaching and important.

Thanks to all who participated and helped to make this year's event our best ever. The addition of FLAIK (Acesss their website: HERE) added an extra dimension to the event that we've never had before. They are a class act. Hopefully we can use them again next year. Everyone loved checking out everyone's vertical feet totals.

Bob summed it up best when he spoke to the crowd and explained why he does the Vertical Challenge. "It's for the boys...so get off your butts and buy more door prize tickets." Once you've attended a Vertical Challenge event and you catch the vision of it, you'll want to do it again. As we drove down, tired and beaten by the storm and the slopes, you can't help but feel great. That's how I felt today and I hope that's how I'll feel again next year.

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