Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Would Ever Want To Direct A Shakespeare Play?

No, Really...Who?

Imagine, if you will, putting together a production of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost and your kids only have a couple of months with an hour & 1/2 a week to rehearse including major breaks to accommodate the holidays.


Now imagine the venture where the play is scheduled to take place is currently undergoing major renovations the week before opening night and, according to those fixing the hall, the stage should be ready to put on the play Friday night...tomorrow night...opening night. And if the stage is not ready to put on the play tomorrow night, I don't know what we'll do.

If this had happened last year when I was directing the North Star Scholar Association's Advance Shakespeare production of Twelfth Night, I probably would have freaked out, but the director for this year's production is not freaking out. She's taking it all in stride (at least on the surface...). I'm impressed at her composure.

Directing Shakespeare for high school students is quite the experience. I've done plays. I admit I have not had the largest rolls in these plays, but I had to memorize lines. Memorizing lines can be difficult at times. Memorizing Shakespeare, however, that's a whole other animal. I am constantly amazed at  what these kids can do.

The play is tomorrow night, Feb 3 at 7pm, a matinee at 2pm Saturday, Feb 4 and another show at 7pm Saturday night. Free admission, donations are welcome. We're crossing our fingers the production will be held at the Clearfield Community Church, 200 S 500 E in Clearfield.

Who would ever want to direct a Shakespeare play? Don't knock it until you've tried it...

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