Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Framed Art...

 Let me just say at the onset that I apologize for the reflections in these pictures. I hope you can see the beauty of the photograph because it really is a great shot. Just Google: Sabine Weiss, Vers la lumière, Paris, 1953, or go HERE to see a better representation.

There's some history to this framed art that hangs on our wall and it goes back over 20 years. Back when I worked as a computer sound technician, I worked for a company that made a Macintosh language learning program to help Asians, and specifically Japanese business leaders, to better speak English. The program was called MacEnglish for obvious reasons.


It was a really great job, but the problem was, it didn't make it. Around 1989 the company folded and we all went our separate ways. The company was started by a man who was also a professional photographer and the entire office was covered with great art. On the day the company closed the employees were given the opportunity to pick a photograph to take home. Because I was at work earlier, I chose the Sabine Weiss. When my friend Clif showed up and found out what was going on with the artwork, the picture he wanted was already picked. I had already claimed it. I can't remember what picture he got. I'm sure it was almost as nice...

When we first built our home almost nine years ago Clif and his wife came to visit. He saw the picture on the wall and we shared a smile. If you ever drop by the cottage, you'll see the black & white photo hanging on the eastern wall. If and/or when you come by, you'll be able to see the picture--hopefully without the reflections.

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