Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Tale Of Two Conferences...LTUE


For the past two days I've spent several hours in Orem, Utah attending the Life, the Universe, & Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy conference. Those who attended hopefully enjoyed the conference as much as I (I don't want to speak for too many of them...). I can, however, speak for myself. I had a great time.

On or around October 6, 2011 I attended another writer's conference at the same university. My experience with that conference was different...much different. I left that conference feeling anything but inspired. I was bummed. The difference in my attitude had nothing to do with the conferences, per se, but the way I chose to accept the situation. Hopefully I've learned and matured in the past four months. I hope that's the case.

I took my son with me to the LTUE conference (he was free, after all...). He's a budding writer and he was able to meet some very successful authors and even gathered a signature or three. We returned after spending 13 hours of instruction in two days tired, very tired. It's amazing how much energy is spend just listening to fascinating speakers.

We're planning on attending next year's conference, and next year I'll be sure to park in the designated parking area to avoid my providing Utah Valley University another involuntary donation to their parking department. And, hopefully, the school will not schedule a ballroom dance competition with what appeared to be thousands of participants on the same day as the conference. I guess we all have things to learn from LTUE.

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