Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daughter And I, Driving Home...


The first show I did with my son was at Christmas, 12 years ago. Now, my son is too involved with other projects--mostly school--so for the past few shows, it's been my daughter and me. 

My daughter is of the age where she loves listening to the radio and to songs that, well, I don't really know many of them. I know some (I'm not that old...). And when we go to and from rehearsals, we crank the radio.

There are several stations so I let my daughter choose the songs we listen to--for the most part. There are some songs, and some stations we try to avoid. I'm glad no one can see us as we drive home because we're usually both singing as the top of our lungs. We get kind of charged up from rehearsals.


All those years ago I don't remember the radio blaring when my son and I went to and from the shows and rehearsals. We usually talked about stuff. Of course he was only 5 back then. I wonder if he remembers those trips... I wonder if my daughter will remember the nights when we drove home in the dark with the radio blasting to Adele. I hope it's something I never forget.

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