Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween Party, 2012...

I took the day off work today, not because I was sick, but because today is Halloween and we're having a Halloween party.


The key to any successful party is the preparation. We've been planning for days, or even weeks. The first thing I did today was help paint my daughter's wings. She made them herself. She cut the cardboard and hot glued the "feathers" on herself Well, she didn't glue them "on herself" but on the cardboard wings... She's a Weeping Angel from "Dr. Who."

Next, there is the carving of the pumpkins. This seems like it shouldn't take that long, but it does. I'm so glad the kids are old enough to carve their designs themselves (well, almost all of them can...). I found a perfect little pumpkin and created my Mac Masterpiece!


After the food was made (my 17-year old son made homemade taffy and chocolate, so good--he was in his element...), and the homemade doughnuts were covered in cinnamon and sugar, we turned out attention to the outside of the house. Thanks to my brother-in-law giving us a black light a few years ago. It works very well with our Skeleton (or "Skelly" as he's come to be known...) and webbing.


Next, came the guests. My kids' homeschool friends came over as did a few trick-or-treaters. My son organized, designed, and orchestrated an amazing Scavenger Hunt (he was in his element...). I got a compliment on my costume (Charlie Brown) and our house. The kids said it looked cool. I'm glad because "cool" is what I was going for...


 Everyone's huddled around the TV watching a classic, Alfred Hichcock's "The Birds." It's a bit dated, but surprisingly suspenseful. 

I, like many of you, LOVE Halloween! It comes at the best time of the year and everyone pretends to be someone else. Today I was a "stay-at-home dad" and party helper. Yeah, I love Halloween. Hope everyone had a wonderful night!

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