Friday, October 19, 2012

Having A Happy Hashi Time...

Tonight we drove around the mall, looking for a place to eat. We had our youngest with us so not just any place would do. The places we knew were packed, and then we saw "Happy Hashi." Japanese, Teriyaki...we'd never heard of it before, but we thought, we'll give it a shot.

We're glad we did.

The moment we walked in the door we knew it would be a place our youngest would LOVE! We were right. My son could not get over how cool it was to have the chef actually cook right in front of us! He kept telling the Japanese man that he should be on Iron Chef and that he was the best cook he ever saw. I mean, anyone who can actually play with fire as part of his job is okay in his book.

The place was a little pricy which means we'll not be going there too frequently. The last time we had such a dinner (at Benihana's...) was about 10 years ago, so once a decade--not bad...

Tonight's restaurant experience was a feast for my son and not just for the food. He had a blast, and so did we by watching him.

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  1. Fun to watch your 'youngest' enjoy new adventures. And for you and your wife, the evening was just a preview of things to come, when the older children will often all be out and about on Friday evenings.