Saturday, October 20, 2012

When We Were Kids...

When we were kids... How things seemed to have changed. When we were kids, the sight of a cement truck just outside our house meant that we were out there, bugging the workers and watching the operation in amazement.

Many years ago, ours was one of the first houses built in the neighborhood (not counting the centuries old rock homes that dot the town...). And being one of the "new" homes we had the opportunity to watch the other homes being built. I remember walking through many unfinished structures imagining where bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchens would be. Building our own house brought back a lot of memories.

I pulled up to my house this afternoon and my neighbor was putting in some stairs. As I made my way over to catch the action, I remembered what it was like to be a child in the neighborhood.

Then I wondered, "Where are my kids?" My kids were inside our home and they either didn't know about the huge cement-belching truck parked outside, or weren't interested. In all honestly, I really can't blame them. With computers, video games and cable, a big loud cement truck might not be as interesting as I once thought. Still it didn't stop me from rushing across the street where I bugged the workers and watched the operation in amazement. I guess some things don't change after all...

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