Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don's Vacuum Villa...Quality!

While many in the country were involved in other things (like political discussions...), I was thinking about...


Vacuums are pretty amazing things, even though they suck. But, when properly working, they do a great job at sucking. Why am I thinking about vacuums? Because we just got ours repaired. We took our vacuum to Don's Vacuum villa--two locations, one in Ogden, Utah and one in Layton, Utah--because, well...I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it.


Don's Vacuum Villa is, in fact, not operated by Don. The man in charge is named Keith and I've known Keith for more than three decades. Keith is a remarkable person. He's a successful businessman, father, soldier, and church-goer (not really sure how one can be a "successful" church-goer--I guess one just needs to go...a lot...). And he's a good friend.

So, if you are in need of either vacuum repairs or you want to buy something new and shiny (yes, vacuum can be shiny...), and you're in the area, I recommend Don's Vacuum Villa. You'll be treated right.

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