Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pre-Halloween Tradition...

Today's my mom's birthday. Last year I wrote a special birthday message about her. You can read it: HERE. She would have turn 80 last year, so 81 this year. One tradition I failed to include last year was the carving of a pumpkin.

Since her birthday is just a few days before Halloween, I had a tradition where I would carve her a pumpkin. Sometimes it was the only present she got from me, I say with a tinge of embarrassment. Oh, if we could just go back and do things differently... Last year I did get a pumpkin but I didn't carve it. I only set it on my parent's headstone.

This year, however, I actually took the time to carve the orange orb and I left it on the grave. I guess it's strange to leave a pumpkin in the middle of a cemetery that reads "Happy Birthday." I was thinking this as I carved up the thing. Then again, what should I have carved...Boo? Happy Halloween? Trick Or Treat? Bats All Folks? Best Witches? I See Dead People? Probably not (seriously, sorry about those...).

We loaded up the kids in the van on our way to the pumpkin patch to buy the ones we'll carve for the kids. I hope my kids know how much that little lady meant to me So, when it's all said and done, I guess this year is like those others--I got her a pumpkin for her birthday...

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