Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Office Halloween Party Pictures From Years Ago...

 I came across some pictures I took years ago... And, yes, we were having a Halloween party at work (we don't normally dress this way at work...well, I can't speak for everyone, but I don't dress like that at work...).



It's been several years since we had our little get-together and so much as happened since these pictures were taken. I think only a couple of these people work at this location and several have left the organization all together. Plus, some have become parents and one was even promoted to a lofty position. Bet you can't guess which one...

 Looking at these pictures brought back a lot of good memories. It also makes me miss them. Some I see frequently and some I haven't seen since I transferred to a new office. Some I may never see again (but most are Facebook friends, so I got that going for me...). 


These are good people and, for a short time years ago, when we all worked together, we had a lot of fun. Happy Halloween everyone on Team Chuck Norris and Team Hydra!

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