Friday, October 26, 2012

Voting Early Voting...

I did something today I've never done before. I voted early. Due to my daughter and I being in a show, there's a good chance we'll be at rehearsals on the first Tuesday of November and since I live in a patriotic area, turnout for elections--especially presidential elections--usually bring out the voters en masse. Chances are, I might not have been able to vote if I had waited.

And so I voted early. The court house voting center opened at 11 a.m. and I arrived a few minutes early. There was already voters ahead of me. All it took was a scan by the eyes of the volunteer at my drivers license and me confirming my home address to the same volunteer, and I was given a golden ticket. Well, a voting card anyway.

I voted for a president and a vice president, a senator, and a representative--two, actually (two representatives, one state, one national--not two votes for the same person for that would be wrong...). I voted on a couple of amendments and made decisions concerning several judges. A finger to the screen here, another finger to the screen there and it was done. I cast my ballot.

At last, before I left the room with all the electronic voting machines and smiling volunteers, I exchanged my golden ticket for a sticker. It's customary to apply the sticker to your shirt so everyone with whom you come into contact (on the day you wear the shirt...) knows you exercised your civic duty and voted. I usually put my sticker in my daily journal. Sure, it takes up much of the page, but it's worth it. Today I voted early. Kind of makes November 7th, 2012 a little anti-climatic...

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