Monday, October 8, 2012

Kid's LOVE The Legos...

On conference weekend we have a little tradition in our house. I guess we have several traditions, but this one will endure for some time. Why? Because the kids keep reminding us that conference weekend means at least one thing for's LEGO time!

Conference weekend for the kids means that they can haul up their Legos and play with them while watching conference. Saturday the kids spread out a blanket and dumped the hundreds (perhaps thousands...) of small plastic bricks across the floor. The kids are in Lego nirvana as they take their time and build whatever their brains can imagine.

A few weeks ago I saw a cartoon about how Lego came to be. It's called The Lego Story and you can access the YouTube video: HERE. It you've got a few minutes, I recommend you check it out. It's pretty cool. The business was born in Denmark from a man who built wooden toys. The man suffered setbacks and challenges, but he kept going. He kept the dream alive. I wonder if that man could possibly comprehend his hard work would one day bring incredible joy to the lives of millions of children around the world...

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