Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mrs. Hovley, Your Table Is Ready...

This afternoon my family got to go to a book signing, a real, live "watch an author sit at a table and autograph books that will be purchased" book signing. And what makes it even better is that the author signing the books is the moderator for my kids' writing class.

I've been to only one official book launch. It was last year at the King's English Book Store in Salt Lake City. Today's was different...more space. We picked up a book, signed to the family and brought it home. My daughter began reading the book in the car.

Unpublished authors wonder what it's like to sit at a table with a stack (or stacks...) of your freshly printed books before you. They wonder what it feels like to have friends and strangers approach--some excited, some a little embarrassed--and ask, "So, you wrote this?" And you say, "Yes." And they say, "What's it about?" And you tell them.


Well, tonight there's one less person wondering what that feels like. Congratulations Margot!


  1. I would to go to a book signing some day. Especially if the book was by someone I knew.

  2. That's so wonderful you got to go! I've known Margot for a few years now. I'm excited about her book!