Sunday, November 25, 2012

Church Cleaning Time...

This was our week to clean the church. If you're not familiar with the way we do things, our church building is shared by three congregations with each congregation totaling about 300 members. So every week our building is being used by approximately 1000 people.

The church hires professionals to maintain the building, but for cleaning, we're all recruited to be volunteers. This is smart thinking, for more than just a financial benefit. Cleaning we can do, fixing electrical and/or plumbing problems...not so much.

The schedule works like this. Each congregation is assigned to clean the building for four months out of the year. We have the last four months of the year. For each week of the four months, three families are given different cleaning assignments. In year's past my family has cleaned the bathrooms and emptied the trash cans and washed the windows. This year, well...this was our best assignment ever.

We were responsible to make sure the chapel was clean of debris as well as the kitchen and the stage. Because this was Thanksgiving week, all weekly activities that usually take place in the building were canceled, which means those rooms which normally are dirtied during the week were as clean as they were when the parishioners left the church last Sunday afternoon. Our assignment was cake!

Next year we'll find out what we'll be asked to do. This year--things were good. Next year--I guess we'll just see what happens.

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