Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome Back Brother Simon...

This morning we loaded up the tired kids (to accompany their tired parents...) and headed south, about 45 minutes south, unless, of course, you're traveling with my sister, then it's like 30 minutes south. We arrived just before 9 a.m. in order to welcome home a family member who's been away for a couple of years.

Simon, the eldest son of the eldest son, is home and this morning we listened to him speak to a congregation full of family, friends, and neighbors. He did a great job. His words brought back a lot of memories...

Simon's a great example to my kids. It's possible that my oldest, the eldest son of the second eldest son, could be leaving in  just a matter of months to do the same thing. It's like life is on fast-forward.

Simon--welcome back! We're glad to see you again!

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