Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gotta Love Photographic Apps!

Having a digital camera with access to applications is just about the coolest thing around. Of course, I need to show some restraint in the purchasing of these apps...good thing most are only 99¢. Back when I had my Olympus OM-10, I wanted all those lens filters, because that was about the only way to manipulate the shots. Now, the thought of a filter seems like ancient technology (because it is...). Tonight I had the chance to catch another beautiful sunset in the west. And since I just got a new camera, I had to try out the toys.

Now, the camera isn't the best, but it's pretty darn good for something that lets you connect to the internet, play games, music, and movies.

And I've been experimenting with Instagram. It wasn't the best result, but you get the idea.

Another great app is called Photosynth, and it's from Microsoft. It's free, which is always nice. The picture on it's own looks a bit strange, but if you click: HERE, you can see the picture from the Photosynth website and explore a bit.

I also found another panoramic app called--appropriately--Panorama. It's the one thing my little Kodak did quite well. This app seems to do a pretty good job.

Still, just checking out the nature beauty of a sunset is enough. I'm glad my little camera preserved the moment. I love where I live.


  1. Hi Hygge Man,

    I love photography ,that's why your mentioned apps will help me a lot!! I will try with some of these apps. Thanks for the mentioned.

    1. Thanks! And there are so many more apps since I wrote this last year--just amazing.