Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Step On A New Stage...

There's nothing quite like the feeling of stepping on a stage for the first time. The other show is not quite done, but our morning rehearsal allowed us the opportunity to practice a scene this morning under one condition: we couldn't touch anything, except the stage floor.

And that was just fine with me.

I'm not one who does a lot of shows. They require so much time, it's difficult to justify me spending the time away from the family unless I can do a show with one of my kids. Luckily, my daughter is in this show with me.

It's an honor to be asked to be in a show. It's a privilege. When I did shows at the old theater, the stage was so close to the audience that the patrons in the front row could literally put their feet up on the stage if they stretched. Not this new stage--the one surrounded by millions of dollars worth of building.

On a stage we gather and practice; we rehearse and try to memorize. We get to know people when they're at their most vulnerable. A stage is where life happens, where there's absolute truth. And where, today, for the first time, I stepped on a new stage...and it felt great.


  1. I remember that thrill!!
    I'm so glad you get to do theater every once in a while. I'll bet your daughter is glad to have you there with her too. What a great thing.
    I'm a bit envious... but I can't really be to jealous, I get to do fun stuff too. Sometimes I just miss the old stuff I used to love.

    1. Thanks Eve! There's always a chance to share your talents, be they on stage or someplace else...and I'm sure you're doing that!