Monday, November 26, 2012

The Experiement Ends...

"Do you have any notes for me?" I asked the director of our play, almost casually, last Wednesday night after the last dress rehearsal before we performed before an audience other than each other. "Yeah," he said. "Don't darken in your mustache."

And with that, the experiment ended. My director's comment did not end the experiment...his words only proved a confirmation. Before the rehearsal I tried one last time to make my facial hair seen from a distance of more than a couple of feet. The result...not good. And so, the great facial hair experiment of 2012 was over. I had lost. The next day was Thanksgiving and I shaved before we got together as a family. What you see here are the "Before" and "After" pictures.

I wrote a few weeks ago how I could not grow a beard, but I kept at it, hoping again hope that things would improve. Weeks later, the results remained the same yet again. Ever since I was a stuntman working at an amusement park years ago I wanted to grow a beard, or at least, a mustache. I tried back them and achieved similar results. But this time, I thought, "'s been over 20 years. Maybe things have changed and I'll be able to this time." You can all see the evidence of this fallacy. 

It's been almost a week since I've shaved and the funniest part (to me...) is that absolutely no one (other than my wife...) said anything to me about how I looked different, or that the beard was gone. Maybe they were being kind by not bringing it up. I don't know. Will I attempt another facial hair experiment in the future? Probably not. Because with knowledge comes responsibility...

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