Thursday, November 29, 2012

Drinkwell, The Original Pet Fountain...

You know you've done see something on TV or the interwebs, or in a catalog and you think...I've gotta have that! And so you buy it and set it up and think...Now, my troubles are over!

What was our need that required fixing? Our cat would beg us to turn on the water in the tub so he could get a drink. Enter the Drinkwell, The Original Pet Fountain. We put it together, filled it with water, plugged it in and watched as our cat actually drank from the thing! Success!

Or so we thought. After a while the cat used the Drinkwell less and less. It turns out the cat didn't use it if the water stayed in the fountain too long. Now, the Drinkwell is designed with a water filter built-in which should clean the water so each drink would be as fresh as if the cat is drinking from a newly melted glacier (okay, I made that part up...). 

Occasionally, the cat will utilize the special present that is the Drinkwell. But there are times, like this evening, when the cat needs his water from the tub. I mean, cat's gotta be real...

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