Friday, November 9, 2012

RMT Production Of "Scrooge" 2000/2001 Pictures...

RMT Scrooge Cast, 2000
I was once told that almost every movie has a photograph in it--a point in the film where someone looks at a picture to forward the story. And in movies before photography was discovered, a painting is used for the same purpose.

What does this have to do with these pictures? Good question. Today I was looking through a box of pictures in my basement and I came across cast photos of the first community theater Christmas shows I did with any of my children. 

Back in 2000 my son and I auditioned and we were cast. My son was, I think, the youngest person in the ensemble in 2000. In the top picture, he's in the second row, standing and looking down. I believe he's  the only child not looking at the camera. In the picture below he's the boy sitting furthest to the right, front row. Man, he was sure a cute little kid!

I believe that a photograph is used so much in movies is because it elicits an emotional response from either the performers or the audience or both. I looked at the people in those pictures (many of which are in the current show we're doing this Christmas...) and so many memories came flooding back. So many lives have changed. People married, quite possibly some are dead. The kids have all grown up, and the adults...well, some of us haven't.

The power of a photograph can overwhelm. These are great pictures, pictures of great people having a wonderful time. I'm glad I found them...

RMT Scrooge Cast, 2001

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